When you work with us, you grow with us.​

At Navitas, you genuinely have the potential to change your life.

It’s simple: you get out what you put in. The rewards are real and generous. The career progression is clear and achievable. If you have the ambition to succeed, we will give you the platform to succeed.

We are Navitas. Specialists in positive energy.

Climate change presents the world with an unprecedented challenge. The transition to clean and renewable energy cannot wait, and it needs people with energy and talent to make it happen.

At Navitas, we use our worldwide network to identify those people, and we place them where their energy will make a difference to all our futures. Growth in clean energies is unstoppable.

So, if you want a successful career for the long term, you’ve found the perfect sector.


Stuart Barnes

Stuart’s twelve years working in energy recruitment have seen him live on three continents.

In his previous role, Stuart tripled headcount and revenue across a 4-year period, defining the strategy and building a diverse team that exclusively placed professionals in the US and European clean energy sectors. He founded Navitas Resourcing Group to accelerate our transition to a cleaner renewable future and to build the employer of choice within this recruitment sector.

Josh Bayliss

Josh’s award-winning career spans across the last decade, contributing to various niche projects within the energy sector.

He has assisted clients increase their headcount globally specialising in the renewables sector because he is passionate about a cleaner future and an advocate of helping companies achieve their net zero targets.

His experience in building and leading successful teams has led him to co-found Navitas Resourcing Group, a company that provides ample opportunity for new talent, who are passionate about making a difference in our fight for a greener environment, whilst creating one of the best companies to work with.

Our Values

01. Work Ethic
02. Energy
03. Consistency
04. Ambition
05. Quality
06. 1%

Could you build your own company with us?

Navitas, a part of HG Ventures, represents our passion for making a real difference in the markets we engage with. At our core is the belief that people build companies. This ethos fuels our strategy, focusing on empowering and investing in exceptional teams to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality. For those with ambition and a track record of success within our group, HG Ventures offers a transformative opportunity: the chance to lead and innovate, shaping both their future and the industry’s.

Where are we going?


Our future vision is to build a portfolio of market leading companies in selected markets.


By investing in and supporting management teams with a proven track record in those markets.


We want to build companies that compete not only in the UK but internationally.