Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Businesses in the renewables sector are placing a growing emphasis on DE&I.

“Here at Navitas, we are passionate about inspiring greater diversity, equity, and inclusion across the renewable energy sector. Whether that is implementing more proactive methods targeting underrepresented individuals or taking highly detailed job specifications to understand a team’s current team dynamic, we afford renewable companies the luxury of making diverse and educated hiring decisions.”
- Stuart Barnes Managing Director.
TALENT acquiSition

Talent acquisition and headhunting can play a major role in the success of your business’s DE&I initiative. ​

It is an established fact that businesses with a more diverse workforce benefit from greater innovation, stronger growth, and faster achievement of corporate objectives. And they have a better time while doing it.

Our Commitment

We will revolutionise your talent acquisition strategy by connecting you with individuals from all socio-political backgrounds, geographies, and skillsets. How? By providing a robust and thorough process that helps our clients make educated hiring decisions.

Our process:


We recognise our own internal biases to ensure that Navitas follows a strong DE&I strategy.


We proactively reach out to underrepresented communities through headhunting and marketing.


We carefully analyse your current team considering cultural bias, dynamics, and background.


We ensure shortlists are representative by only submitting those that include female and/or minority candidates.


We actively develop relationships with businesses that are minority-owned and those with minority representation at C-Suite and Executive Leadership level.