Our Earth

​At Navitas, we are committed to #cleanenergyonly in what we do for our day job. We are also constantly looking at our business through the lens of its wider role in society. Which is why we genuinely believe that sustainability, the environment, waste management, human rights and the true cost of a throw-away society are topics that just can’t be ignored.


The Navitas forest

Through our partnership with the B-Corp certified British Environmental Organisation Ecologi, we will be funding projects close to our hearts in renewable energy. We also pledge to grow our Navitas forest to help offset our staff’s carbon footprint and create a climate positive workforce.

Context Kenya is renowned for its magnificent wildlife and iconic landscapes, teeming with biodiversity...
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Generating 92,850 MWh of clean electricity every year
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Carbon Reduction

We operate an active environmental policy developed in conjunction with the whole Navitas team through discussions and town hall meetings. By engaging with employees and suppliers about how they can reduce their impact on the environment, regularly monitoring our progress and learning about the issue of climate change, we will start to make a difference.

To work towards becoming climate positive, we must first understand our environmental impact and how we can reduce it quickly and effectively. To help us with this we are working on an exciting carbon accounting journey with Ecologi. Having calculated our carbon footprint, we are now actively decarbonising our purchases, measuring and tracking our emissions and generating a realistic, yet stretching, action plan across our businesses. By assessing the impact of the technology and energy we use, as well as the suppliers we engage with, we are defining our decarbonisation strategy and are in the absolute best position to make meaningful, actionable plans to reduce our emissions in the long-term.